Tumble Levels

Preschool/Kinder Tumble

Specifically for ages 3-5. Focuses on the very beginning tumbler. They will be introduced to basic skills to develop coordination and strength development so that they can support their own body weight.

Tumble I

Focuses on mastering the cartwheel, bridges, kick overs, handstands and rolls. This class will also teach the skill of a back walk over, which is the essential skill of tumbling.  

Tumble II

This class takes the student to the next level and focuses on teaching them the standing back handspring. In addition, they will strengthen their round-off in order to do a running back handspring as well. (you must be able to do a back bend kick over or back walkover to move up to this level).

Tumble III

This class is designed to focus primarily on the back handspring and the skills necessary to perfect that skill. They will also begin to connect back handsprings together and will be introduced to the back tuck. The will learn multiple standing back handsprings and a running tuck. (you must be able to do a standing back handspring to move up to this level).

Tumble IV

Once they have mastered the back tuck, they will be ready to start running lay outs and standing tucks. 

Tumble V

After the student has mastered the running layout and standing tuck, they will be introduced to the twisting drills to prepare them for the skill of a full. In this class, they will learn their standing full and their running full. (you must be able to do a standing tuck and running layout to move up to this level).

We follow the same levels of tumbling as all-star cheer in order to prepare them for all-star teams or competitive school teams. 

**We understand that there are some students who have a specific skill they need to work on for a cheer squad etc. and don't necessarily have the skill levels required to take that level class. While we are very strict about mastering each level within the class structure, you are certainly welcome to take a private lesson with one of our coaches to work on a specific skill.